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Client Testimonials

What They Say…

“I couldn’t let the day end without telling you how amazing the session was today. Your message is genuine and real. You are using your testimonies as a way to bless and enhance those you encounter. Thank you for being the best part of my day and may you continue to be a refreshing blessing to others!”

—Kristy McMillon


“Vivian, thank you so much for sharing your story of how you found the courage, strength, and perseverance to dream once again through seemingly unsurmountable circumstances. You remind us that we do not need to stay stuck in situations that are not healthy. Rather, we all have within us the ability to Intentionally don our ruby red slippers in order to walk the path we need to travel to get where we truly want to go.”

—Suanne Terry


“Vivian Cobb left a lasting impression in the hearts of our audience when she spoke to us about the power of forgiveness. Months after hearing her energetic speech we are still talking about it. Vivian’s enthusiasm and professionalism made her a joy to work with. I look forward to the opportunity to book her again.”

—Asta Star, Coordinator

Stories on the Edge

“I have just watched Vivian give her presentation at a TEDx conference. She was by far the best speaker! Her presentation was flawless. She connected so intensely with her audience. I had goosebumps. I think she is just an incredible speaker. And her message was so wonderful. Vivian, you are absolutely a jewel sent back from heaven. I’m so proud that I got to see your speech. Thank you, Vivian.”

—Lynn Cedarquist

Audience Member

“Through the expression of your story and your own struggles, you have an extraordinary ability to connect authentically with people from remarkably different walks of life than you. There is an element of vulnerability that unites people under a common humanity. Your story taps into this part of people in a beautiful way. I’m thankful to have witnessed you sharing your story. It is transformative, thought-provoking, and is worth being shared with the world.”

—John Herd

Audience Member